We Did It!

When a community, hard work and a purpose come together, magic can happen.

That’s exactly what happened on November 20, 2015, when we opened the bigger and better, brand-spanking new, expanded Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus. We started this journey several years ago, with a dream to bring kid-powered learning and an exceptional museum experience to the Denver community in a whole new way. With our new exhibits Altitude, The Art Studio, Energy, Joy Park, The Teaching Kitchen and Water, we can carry out our mission to create extraordinary experiences that champion the wonder and joy of childhood. As momentous as this occasion was, we had to celebrate! All week long, we held exclusive VIP events for our members and donors, giving them the first taste of what bigger and better really is. Check out some of the photos from our  wonderful evening events.

But the party didn’t stop there.  On November 20 we held our Grand Reopening ceremony, complete with honorary attendees, food and one BIG ribbon cutting. After some reflection of our own with a speech from CEO Mike Yankovich, we moved outside to hear from Mayor John Hickenlooper and cut the ribbon!

We have so many countless people to be grateful for. From our largest donors to our regular visitors, families, individuals, companies and more, the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus thanks you for the overwhelming support. This could not have happened without you. THANK YOU!




The Climber Keeps Climbing!

After 3 years of design, and brand new technology developed just for its creation, the 45 foot tall climber, Altitude is being installed! This unique interactive exhibit was inspired by the mountain features and endless adventure found in Colorado and was built right here in Denver! Local fabricators Juno Works partnered with the Children Museum’s Director of Exhibits, Jonathan Goldstein, for this one-of-a-kind piece.

The Peak

The climber’s shape is both functional and fun, devised around the network of the existing building structure paired with the simulated experience of a winding mountain trail. Guests ascend 29” per platform level, reaching the climber’s peak at 3 ½ stories! 


The steel frame, wood panels and stainless steel netting aren’t just an industrial endeavor, but an artistic one. “Every piece of the climber is similar but slightly different. Like leaves on a tree,” Jonathan Goldstein said. These pieces were carefully fabricated using a custom computer program that cut each one with plasma, both ensuring their mutual fit and greatly reducing labor costs.


Through creative insight and computer led production, the climber will make its colossal debut November 20. Join us for an adventure 3 years in the making!


Say Hello to the Buffaloes!

Bison overlooking lobby

Some four-legged fiberglass friends have just been moved to their permanent home in The Art Studio.  Meet the big bison and baby bison, who now stand triumphantly overlooking the new lobby.

But these beautiful bovines aren’t just for looking pretty — come November, guests young and old can work together to collaboratively decorate and paint these two for a hands-on, creative learning experience with the arts.

Artist's Rendering of The Art Studio

As you can tell from the above artist rendering, the bison aren’t the only cool parts to this exhibit. Come explore all art opportunities at the Children Museum’s grand opening, November 20!

Going UP: The Gondola Has Arrived!

A one-of-a-kind piece just made it’s construction debut in our new space – a full-sized, mountain gondola for the Altitude exhibit!

This item used to be a gondola from Keystone that was painted specifically for our “climbing through Colorado” theme. Check out the before and after to see what it used to look like.

Paint BeforePaint After

But the hard work didn’t end with it’s paint job! Through many workers, steel cables and a LOT of elbow grease, this gondola was raised over 3 stories to dangle from it’s permanent position in the in-progress Altitude exhibit. Video of the installation can be seen below.

This gondola is just one of the many amazing and well thought out elements going into our expansion exhibits. Come to the new Children’s Museum of Denver, arriving later this year, to experience them all!


From Paper to Playscape

Even the greatest ideas come from small beginnings. Interactive exhibits “Water” and “Energy” are set to become reality late 2015, but did you ever wonder what they looked like as rough drafts?

Director of Exhibits Jonathan Goldstein and his team of designers have been working for over 3 years to create the wonderful expansion exhibits that are set to debut this fall. Explore the gallery below to view their preliminary sketches and catch a glimpse of how these awesome playscapes were first envisioned!

Prototyping for the new CLIMBER

This week we got a look at the components of our giant 3 1/2-story CLIMBER. This photo shows one piece out of 285 pieces of the grid-like structure that will serve as the exterior of the exhibit. Though it’s made up primarily of metal, it will have a much more refined look when completed, with elements of wood worked into the design.

1 out of 285 steel grid pieces used to frame the CLIMBER.

1 out of 285 metal grid pieces used to frame the CLIMBER.

Rendering of the CLIMBER, showing the grid framing in gray encompassing the entire exhibit.

Rendering of the CLIMBER, showing the grid framing which will encompass the exhibit.