How MUCH Bigger?

This expansion is big—but how big? It’s the culmination of hundreds of people’s ideas and hard work, and years of planning; all rolled into one fabulously large-scale project. We’re going to more than double our size, and now you can see just how much more we’re growing in our exhibit focus areas with the below infographic “How MUCH Bigger?”

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Sparkle, Shine and Design

Construction is an art form—it’s all about the details.

Our designers have spared no inch of space from displaying beautiful and functional design to create the best museum experience possible. 

Much like the delicious recipes you’ll get to make with your family in this interactive exhibit, each of these design “ingredients” will help create the perfect blend of exploration, learning and food oriented fun for this culinary masterpiece debuting late 2015. Check out some of the awesome details currently being mixed together for The Teaching Kitchen in the gallery below!


Give so we can GROW!

We’re in the final stages of our $16.1 million expansion campaign and are turning to the public for YOUR support. To explain why your contribution is so crucial to developing the NEW Children’s Museum of Denver, we recruited the help of some adorable Colorado kids to tell you all about it in this video!

Give so we can grow

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