Framing is underway on the new building wings

We’re entering a phase of major, visible building construction!

The construction crew has spent weeks working beneath the ground on foundation for the new wings. Our project manager says this process is one of the most important, time extensive parts of construction, and very difficult to see any discernible progress.

Here’s what goes on below ground to make sure our new building is strong and structurally sound:
• Drilling micropiles – these are rebar (think a metal pole) that goes deep into the earth – and filling them with concrete to ensure that the building foundations are solid.
• 210 micropiles were drilled for the east and south wing. It takes construction crews the entire day to complete 10.
• After micropiles are drilled and filled with concrete, small concrete foundation walls are poured. These stand a few feet above ground.

After the below ground work is complete, the construction crews start on the visible elements of the building.

And the progress is amazing. Almost overnight we’ve noticed metal frames placed two stories high to frame the new south wing. There’s a portion that reaches three stories, which will be used to shoot rockets through, as a feature of one of our new exhibits. Shortly after, we noticed part of our brightly colored corrugated metal missing from the east side of the building and framing placed two stories high.

When you visit, be sure to check it out!IMG_0777