Excavation for the south wing addition

Can you see the square plot of dirt at the end of the building? It may be hard to visualize, but in a few months time, that will transform into the new south wing addition of the Museum. How exciting!

South Wing 6 18 14 (2)


A-Z Room Remodel

Our A-Z room is receiving some much needed TLC. Our exhibits team is revamping the old space to make it new, modern and beautiful.

Some renovations to note:

  • Removed the 80s-style ceiling tiles to make way for:
    Intricate wood paneling on the ceiling (these tiles are so detailed, it takes one full work day to complete four tiles… that’s a lot of attention to detail!)
  • Replaced the tiled floor with:
    New wood flooring (we liked the new floor we put into My Market so much, we decided to match it here)
  • Old white cabinets torn out to make way for:
    Beautiful shiny cabinets (to rival any new kitchen)
  • Loud wall colors replaced with:
    Neutral paint colors

We’re still working on the wall tiles, but the rest of the renovation is ready for families to enjoy!

Old A-Z Room:

Old A-Z Room

Remodeled A-Z Room:

New A-Z Room

Creating the new ceiling tiles:

New wood ceiling tile

Transformation of former front lobby

This past Friday, June 6, we brought the hammers inside and tore down the desk in former lobby area.

Desk out

The space will be the location of a new, GIGANTIC 3 1/2 story climber. Construction won’t begin on the climber for a few months, so in the meantime, we’re tossing around a few ideas for what to do with the space. The top idea on our list: put some decals on the large windows that detail bits and pieces of the construction process. This will let your kiddos look outside at the construction and learn all about the different trucks and tools needed to make that work possible!

In addition to the viewing area, we’ll use the space to relocate a few things over the summer. Look for some elements of The Village (the tree house area) and maybe even the trains. We’ll keep you posted on what ends up there.

Check out the picture of the old front desk… Safe to say, we won’t miss it!


Construction on Outdoor Experience in Full Swing!

Dirt’s-a-movin’ around here! Our plaza is all torn up and full of front loaders, backhoes and excavators ready to build our 30,000 square foot outdoor experience, Joy Park: An Outdoor Adventure. This week, we are trenching for utilities and excavating for foundations.

Joy Park is all about zip-lining, spelunking, splashing, digging, climbing, messy, ALL-IN play. Features and elements include ruins and fort building, bouldering and a rock scramble, cave exploration, sand dunes, a canyon, peak, rivers, waterfalls, bridges, a zip line, hammock grove, fruit tree orchard and a natural amphitheater.

We will keep you posted on when Joy Park will open!

Learn all about it.